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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 27, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> hurricane irene is come the leading edge is here. i am gerarledo rivera and this is a fox news extreme alert. as we look live in new york city. the city that never sleeps is at least nervously napping. millions are hunkered down as the leading edge of the dangerous hurricane irene approaches the most populated
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area. rain slicd streets and sidewalks are empty. broadway shows and thens of businesses are shuttered. and hundreds of thousands of residents are evacuated from the low-lying areas and first time since the 9/11 attack and natural disaster, the largest transit system has been totally shut down. and we are not the only one. philadelphia's mass transit is also shut down and boston's transit system will be closed on sunday morning as hurricane irene charges up the east coast. it is the focus of rainy manhattan and island of soaring steel and granite braces for a tropical cyclone bearing down on the great white way. i am geraldo rivera and reporting from outside fox news world headquarters just one block from times square.
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we are 500 miles from where the hurricane made landfall at seven:30 off north carolina. and the big question of the city of eight million souls. where in the world is hurricane irene. we'll start with maria molina in the fox news extreme weather center. where is it? >> we got our 9:00 p.m. advisory. it is located 100 miles was ocean city, maryland. 285 miles from new york. to the south, southwest of new york city . there is no changes with the strength of hurricane irene. it is still a hurricane and 80 miles per hour winds. significant storm system. it has a large size. it is a massive storm system and impacts in north carolina and there is a hurricane warning as of 9:00 p.m. south of cape lookout. we have been hit hard.
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you are under a hurricane warning there and the center of the torm system is currently over oach water. we are seeing clouds in canada and new approximate new. and heavy rain in porgs of new england and there is dryer air trying to make its way in the center of the storm system. it should not be a real deal. there is convection off to the east. we'll continue to monitor it. aside from normam tropical storm and hurricane, tornados, there is a tornado warning in atlantic city, new jersey. that is something we will watch . including long island and most of jersey and most of the state of the delaware. that is in affect throughout the night. sustained wines at 80 miles per hour . continue on in a northerly direction. imentpacting new york city and western long island. 10 or 11:00 a.m. .
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2:00 p.m. over connecticut and massachusetts and sustained winds sustained at 70 miles per hour . strong tropical storm and the wind requirements for a hurricane are 74 miles per hour and that is a strong system. at sunday 2:00 p.m. and expecting a lot of rain. we are looking at total rainfall amounts. 6-12 inches was rain and locally inches of rain . we saw that in eastern north carolina reports of 14 inches. >> maria we heard that dry edge that shepreported last hour. does that mean the impact in new york will not be as severe as feared? >> no, we think that the storm system will hold together. there is a potential for new thunderstorm to develop in the dryer spot. that means it is near land and dryer air from land is working its way in. not a big deal. the storm is headed new york
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city and long island and new england. >> that is a new one on me, maria and i covered it for a long time. if that storm surge hits lower manhattan and lower areas on the new jersey city side and state of the union and brooklyn there will be hell to pay here. maria molina, we'll check back with you. look at the build pan up. what being be a category 1 hurricane. cat 1 is a 2. and if you go to the top most floor. 50 or 60 story us down. that can get more severe and that's why the danger in the big cities of new york and philadelphia. philadelphia seems a bit west of the track that maria just described. but here in new york. if they twist and buckling. the glad gets blown out by the storm if it gets harsh and that flies in the next building and people in the big
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apple are urged to stay away from their windows as the storm approaches. right now it is just a tropical rain storm. and the wind was gusting briskly and i am sure as the evening progresses, that will get more and more hurricane-like as irene barrels here. a man who had a long and weight down in north carolina, our john roberts, john, you are one of the first to report the impact, what is going on where you are? >>reporter: i tell you what, we learned a lot to what the hurricanes do to the outer bank what new york could be in for. we are getting dry air that you are talking about geraldo. but the wind is high. it keeps knocking me out. the storm may be getting dryer, it has a lot of intensity.
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outer banks came through the storm good as you could. we never lost power here. it was minimal damage and canopies and roof damage and signs. but there was not big structural damage and the power at ing on all day will bode well for the last week of the summer . what could be applied to new york city. as hurricane isabell came in it pushed water. small towns flooded severely and even worse than hurricane isabell. so if the track of hurricane irene is just right it could push the water up in new york harbor and that could bridge the sea ball and lower manhattan could have sea water and that is a nightmare scenario. >> it sure is. we'll check back as our two hour special continuous.
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we'll be on 24 hours a day until the storm system is resolved. we that is jennifer davis is waiting for us. jennifer, what are conditions there now. as it left you behind as you see or feeling the impact? >>reporter: hi, there, no, i think finally irene is moving out of the here and we saw the sunset. we haven't seen the sun in a couple of days. we fared a little bit worse than john is. we are without power and have been without power in more head city since two a.m.. 20,000 people are without power. and when we drove around early there is damage to fix. it is nothing intense. but it is going to take a while to clean up. there are trees down all over the place and there is localized flooding and a lot
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of metal debris and just general signs and pieces was buildings that came off. we saw a submerged car and there is a good amount of clean up. they're breathing a sigh of relief. localized flooding will be a challenge tomorrow morning. an hour inland there could be 17 inches in some places. that may be the big story tomorrow, geraldo. >> what about people hurt or injured. i know you folks at home who scoff and particularly in the southeast who experienced so many of the tropical cyclones, you say what is the big deal with a category 1. as far as we know fox news reported all even accident, 6 people have been killed, many of them by trees falling including a couple of kids. one in a car and one in a house crushed. and particularly in the new york area they have been
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absolutely the new york and new jersey area saturated by record rainfall. even before this event those trees with a brisk breeze will be dangerous and anyone near them please watch yourself. stay indoors and at a away from the windows as the storm approaches. we'll go to ed down in miami in the national hurricane center. ed, you are one of the deans of this business. you have seen a lot more hurricanes than i have. how unusual is irene in terms of the fact that it is impacting, you know, washington d.c., philadelphia, pennsylvania, and new york, and heading up we think to the boston area. how unusual is irene? >> guest: the trek is unusual, gerarledo. we awn see hurricanes move up the east coast but they tend to move out to coast or
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southern new england. in this case. the track is due north and tracing the coastline all the way to final landfall likely in western long island and southern new england in the morning hours tomorrow. what that means, the roughest of the weather in terms of the winds to the right of the track are pulled all the way in and we'll see high storm surge and wins on the right side and heavy rain as you can see on a radar view to the left of the center of the hurricane. >> is there any good news, ed? are we overstating the important dry quad rant of that big storm >> guest: unfortunately that is an overstatement in that the pattern we see now. the rainfall to the west of the center is normal. we often see the precipitation shift to the left side of the hurricane for a northbound storm that is approaching the
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northeastern states. we have several major risks tonight. one is storm surge in the coast 4-8 feet in places. second rick is the flooding inland from the rainfall that we are looking 6-12 inches and maybe 20 inches. and broadarea of wind and iggest risk of the winds besides the storm surge is bringing down the trees. it will be a tree damage with this storm and when they fall on houses and hopes and cars there is a risk to life and property. >> i know, ed, it is difficult and i don't want you to put you on the spot. can you tell us whether or not the storm will arrive when the 8:00 a.m. tide arrives tomorrow morning? >> guest: i can't tell you exactly when the highest surge is going to occur. it being be high tide.
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in this case, because the wind field is so large, we are getting strong on shore winds for many hours and likely it will be near the peak surge and if it is not exactly the peak surge. we are expecting a water rise on the order of two-four or five feet . isolated spots to eight feet and long island sound. >> all right. ed, thank you very much. i live on new york harbor and my son cruise is standing by on my dock. i want to tell you this is up close and personal story for me and mine. my family are safely ensconed in a hotel a block away. but we'll continue our special live coverage from outside of fox headquarters with reporters up down the north and east coast. we'll be back in a flash. stay tuned.
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>> geraldo: welcome back to a dark and stormy night in new york city. the radio city music hall will not be entertaining any of the tens of thousands of out-of-town guests who frequent shows like the christmas spectacular and all of the rest of them. like the rest of the city, it is shut down. 9,000 flight cancellations, all three airports here in town, la guardia, newark and jfk shut down. subways, buses shut down. wall street says they will open for business as usual on monday morning but whoever works down there who takes public transportation will not be able to go to work with the subway or a bus because that service won't be restored until much later in the day on monday as we wait the oncoming storm, the very broad category one hurricane irene heading our way. in's go earlier our laura
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gal was out east. you know about the tony hamptons and how expensive the homes are out there. some of the computer projections that marina and rick reichmuth had been talking about had the storm cutting long island in half. let's go now to laura ingle's report. >> mandatory evacuations going on all morning long in west hampton beach for those that live up and down dune road. people were told they had to get valuables, pets, whatever they wanted to take and get out. it was not an option. the people that decided to stay. people that the cops and firefighters call the cowboys had to sign a form so that police and firefighters will know who was left behind in case they need to identify people after the storm. that is the serious nature of what is going on out here. now, over in nassau county, there have been widespread
6:19 pm
evacuations as well all day long. over 300,000 people had to be kicked out of low-lying areas. a mandatory evacuation from the entire area of sunrise highway south. a lot of people. it is densely populated. we been told that nassau county community college has been filled to capacity evacuees. over 4,000 people. all the hotels booked. have to call friends and family for a place to ride out the storm. all going to get serious overnight and into the early morning hours with the storm surge. the only good news out of all of this here at least at west hampton beach is that the storm surge that was predicted to be ten feet is now a little lower at 3 to 6 feet at least in this area in suffolk county. going to be a wild night and a crazy morning out here. geraldo. >> geraldo: laura, thank you very much. i have never seen the city even on a rainy night this empty.
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this is a saturday night. we are a block away from times square. nobody out here now. an emergency vehicle making its way up avenue of the americas. when we come back, our reporters all up and down the coast will be giving you their live reports. we'll be right back, after this. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities. excuse me? my grandfather was born in this village. [ automated voice speaks foreign language ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪ in here, forklifts drive themselves. no, he doesn't have it. yeah, we'll look on that. [ male announcer ] in here, friends leave you messages written in the air. that's it right there. [ male announcer ] it's the at&t network. and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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>> geraldo: hurricane irene is bad but cannot compare with the true monsters that tear across the eastern seaboard. >> a west indian hurricane smashes the north atlantic coast and a huge tidal wave rolled in with this 100-mile an hour blast. >> geraldo: in late september, 1938, the great new england hurricane, a category five slammed into child with little warning. >> there had been five days of rain when the hurricane blew, a accompanied by a tremendous
6:24 pm
downpour. it went above river in massachusetts. streams turned into torrents, pouring into rivers which burst their banks. flood damage everywhere. >> geraldo: the first major storm to hit the area in 69 years, it then crossed into connecticut and massachusetts, crushing and drowning almost everything in its path. >> the hurricane hit towns never built to withstand the blast of a tropical temper. this southern lands they build for hurricanes but why should they here. who expected it the wind demon of the west indies would strike so far north? >> geraldo: as many as 800 killed. more than 57,000 homes destroyed by the most powerful costliest deadliest storm in recorded new england history. 16 years later, hazel came close. packing winds of 140 miles per hour on october 15, 1954. hazel made landfall in the north and south carolina border after leaving hundreds dead in haiti. a full moon and high tide
6:25 pm
exacerbated hazel's deadly force, creating a 17-foot storm surge that swept away 352 to structures on oak island. then a swath through virginia, pennsylvania, new jersey, new york and all the way to ontario canada. it would be 31 years until the next really big one, hurricane gloria. a cat-4 when it hit the bahamas. still packed a punch enough to dawn trees and power lines from cape hatteras to long island, 8 people died. a total much lower than feared because the hurricane arrived at low tide. then came bob in 1991 which made landfall between new york and rhode island's narragansett bay. thousands packed shelters. yet others refused to leave.
6:26 pm
>> the fear to take care of the house. >> geraldo: a decision many came to regret. >> virtually all of the beachfront businesses and homes suffered some kind of water or structural damage. >> geraldo: bob left behind massive destruction. >> we have sent a written request to the federal authorities and the head of fema will be in the state this afternoon. >> geraldo: 17 were killed. and $1.5 billion in property damage suffered. in 1999, hurricane floyd forced 2.6 million people in five states from their homes, triggering the third largest evacuation in u.s. history. but it was north carolina that bore the brunt of the storm. >> just water. nothing but water. >> i saw cases where even the roofs were under water and the last safe refuge that they had was actually standing on the chimney. >> geraldo: torrential rainfall hit north carolina, an area already saturated by hurricane dennis just two weeks before, bringing what was called a 500 year flood.
6:27 pm
>> a lot of people still hurting. people lost everything. many people lost their life in that tragic event. >> i don't know if you will ever recover from something the magnitude of floyd. now, it is good night irene. >> past d.c., up the jersey shore, all around the new york metropolitan area. long island, you better look out. not one to mess with. >> geraldo: that is shep smith. this is our fox news alert. we are just hearing that as you you heard in that package, these big storms often spawn tornadoes, there has been a tornado that hit a reported tornado i think it is now confirmed in lowes, delaware. 17 homes severely damaged. one completely destroyed by a tornado spawned by hurricane irene in lewes delaware. they have a new title for the fellows who do this kind of
6:28 pm
research. a forensic meteorologist. he is up in albany, the capital of new york city. howard, thanks for being with us. first of all, talk about the tornadoes being sporn now apparently by hurricane irene. seems to me a perilous phenomenon. >> it is very common, actually, with landfalling hurricanes. quite often we have the right-front quadrant which is like the northeastern part of a hurricane as they come in contact with the land there is enough turning in the atmosphere of the winds to cause some of those showers and thunderstorms to rotate and become tornadoes. this is a very common thing and there were over 150 tornadoes spawned with hurricane and tropical storm barrow many years ago as it moved up the coast and we are seeing that now, across delaware and new jersey. tornado watches now extended up the coast to long island, new york city and lower
6:29 pm
southeastern new york because of that threat with that right-front quadrant moving in. tornado threat sin creasing and that is probably going to come first before the real winds and real waves start to move in, geraldo are. >> geraldo: and that, howard, do you have an idea, can you give us what your computer projections, your best estimate as to when it actually comes to the new york metropolitan area, the nation's largest? >> tornadoes will come overnight between probably 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and then on into the day tomorrow. and then the winds will be picking up overnight and i think the strongest winds, hurricane force start to arrive be between 5:00 a.m. andl and 8:00 a.m. around sunrise and shortly thereafter the winds will get to near or at hurricane strength and then they will start to increase throughout the day. bad news for new york city and long island with that slightly further west track. >> howard, thank you very much. it could not be worse news, ladies and gentlemen. this is the real deal between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.
6:30 pm
tomorrow morning, sunday morning, that hurricane will be here. so we will continue our live coverage, reporters up and down the coast. we'll be right back, after this. [ man ] behind every business is a "what if." what if we designed an electric motorcycle? what if we turned trash into surfboards? whatever your what if is, the new sprint biz 360 has custom solutions to make it happen,
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>> geraldo: welcome to a very wet avenue of the americas. also known to new yorkers as sixth avenue. fox news world headquarters off to my left, your right. a wet and empty mid town manhattan as the leading edge of hurricane irene, this historic storm, this extraordinary storm in terms of its impact on new york once in a lifetime meteorological event. our doug mcelway has been tasting it and feeling it and enduring it all day long and doug, i hear you got some real wet weather right now.
6:34 pm
>> yeah, it is raining harder than it has all day right now, geraldo. and the wind is definitely picking up harder than it has all day as well. the good news here is that we had high tide at 7:45 this evening. as i look behind me i can see that the ocean has receded at least a few feet. congratulations on the correct pronouncation of the town lewes delaware. outsiders tend to call it "lewis" delaware. kind of ironic that that was stuck by a tornado because as you head up the coast to lewee is it the just inside the delaware bay in more protected waters. a favorite sailing spot for a lot of locals. they have sunfish and races there in lewes. more protected waters. i think a lot of people expected they would not be hit by the hurricane in the way that they did. turns out it was a tornado that caused the damage. perhaps tomorrow morning about when we have daylight we can
6:35 pm
head up that way and find out exactly what happened. as i said, it is raining harder and blowing harder than it has all day. we are expecting the peak of the hurricane here sometime after midnight. probably between midnight and 2:00 a.m. can't see what is going on around me because we lost electricity at about 8:00 this evening. we had the lights flash, it went out for about five seconds. came on all across the bay the lights came on again all across ocean city. i can see it a mile or so down that way and a mile or so down this way and then the big flash down to the south and they all went off and that has been it. we are down to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on ding for the rest of the night. >> geraldo: they are serving hot pizza inside fox headquarters, i wish you were here. i experienced a couple of the blackouts here, i hope that does not happen. and ladies and gentlemen, i'm not suggesting that it will.
6:36 pm
we have a system here that is hardened and hopefully can endure even this historic storm. doug we will get back to you as evening progresses. want to go a bit up the coast to new jersey where brother craig is esconceed. what is it like there? >> we have been getting bands of rain the past few hours. three inches of rain already dumped on this area. ventney city is not expecting to get the full impact of the hurricane until about 6:00 this morning and expecting the damaging 70 to 80-mile an hour winds. another major concern for the residents here is the sea surge from 4 to 8 feet. we are at a location where we are right on the intercoastal waterway that feeds great egg harbor, a lot of residents live right on the water. i don't know if you can see in the picture behind me but the
6:37 pm
houses are already -- some of them are starting to take on water in the lower floors. lot of the residents have already been evacuated. one resident, joe dockerty, a diehard here in ventnor city. his family has been here for generations. seen it like this before? >> i haven't seen tides like this in 20 years, maybe long. how did you decide to stay. >> downgraded to a category one and we thought we would stay. our family is a little stubborn so we are here. they wanted to ride out the storm but then heard shepard smith's reports about the tides and they decided to high tail it out of here. >> rolling blackouts through here. you have spoken to some friends who are in counties with the tornadoic activity? >> not far from here. my friends have lost power across the bay and in a couple
6:38 pm
of different locations. >> geraldo, we will be riding out the storm with the dockerty family and come back to you with further reports later on today. geraldo, back to you. >> geraldo: okay. my -- our mom, our almost 92-year-old mom is now at craig's house. he is a bit inland. she was with me and we evacuated her from big brother's house to little brother's house to be safe with our sister irene. it is a very extraordinary situation, ladies and gentlemen, when you are used to reporting these storms hitting somebody else. when it is somebody else's family involved you can report objectively and swager and do everything you have to do to get the story but with your family it is divided attention. keeping themself and with my five children it is like hearing cats.
6:39 pm
get everybody on one page. air a carries anerin o'hearn c- erica and the girls are a block away on a low floor. we asked for a low floor. one place they could not be is playing craps or the roulette wheel in atlantic city. in an extraordinary bit of news just like it is extraordinary that the new york subways have closed so, too, have the casinos in famed atlantic city. and from the board walk our famed current rick leventhal can bring us up to date and tell us whether or not the storm impact is being felt on that famed walkway. rick, what have you got? >> geraldo, we had to leave the boardwalk because the flooding had gotten so bad so quickly that the streets that we were parked on were quickly being covered with water. we packed up and moved here right in front of cesars and i'm standing now on pacific avenue which as you can see is virtually desserted. one or two cars going by.
6:40 pm
usually they are police cars. this avenue on a saturday night the last weekend in august would typically be packed. as would all of these hotels. all 11 casino hotels including cesars had to shut down because of the approaching storm. and i will show you some of the water we were talking about. every single side street as it gets close to the beach is underwater. in some cases a couple of feet, maybe three feet of water and this happened in just the last hour or two. very quickly rose up and remember that the heart of the storm, the eye of the storm is apparently still at least ten hours away. so, it is going to get worse here. the rain has stopped at the moment. we were getting it in sheets out on the boardwalk. and the wind was much worse than it is right now. they were seeing sustained winds of 40 miles per hour. deference in thely not there -- definitely not there now, geraldo, but could get worse. half of atlantic city is in the dark. we are not but 20,000 residents
6:41 pm
or at least their homes in the dark right now. >> geraldo: hundreds of thousands if not millions of customers already out of power like atlantic city. rick, i'm shocked that, you know, they managed to pry some of those people playing the slots away from those machines. usually it would take another earthquake like last tuesday's to make that happen, rick. >> they didn't have much choice. they locked up the chips. they trucked out the cash. they sent the dealers home. and they turned off the slot machines. they are all dark inside. as you mentioned, it is a rare occurrence. only the third time in atlantic city's 33 year history they stopped gambling. one was for a storm and once for a budget shutdown in 2006. and now the first mandatory evacuation in the history of atlantic city and more than 90% heeded the warnings. >> geraldo: we will check back with rick and doug and craig and our other correspondents up
6:42 pm
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>> geraldo: irene is really coming to new york. it is extraordinary. we didn't think it possible. everyone was scoffing at the
6:46 pm
know objectio notion of a hurre coming toward the verrazano bridge. all the way to maine they are forecasting some impact. earlier this evening i reported there was a tornado in lewes, delaware, that destroyed or damaged between 15 and 17 homes. we have the governor of the great state, small? small in size but great in stater. the governor is on the telephone with us right now. governor, thanks for taking the time. can you tell us what happened in lewes and tell us what other impact you are feeling in delaware now from hurricane irene? >> okay, well, thanks. maybe 15-20 minutes ago talked to the mayor in lewes and just talked to the homeowner. nobody was home, thank god sox there were no injuries. one or two homes that were
6:47 pm
damaged fairly badly. a number of other homes, some where up to 17 or 25 or so damaged but not as badly. and we had reports of additional tornadoes but no confirmation. in the meantime, lots of wind, lots of rain. we expect lots of flooding. that is why we had to close the bridges and restrict driving in the state. >> geraldo: governor markel, you share the delmarva peninsula with maryland and virginia. the huge bay going up to the capital there, wilmington. what impact do you believe you will get? are you going to dodge the bull let because you are a bit further west than the jersey shore, say, or the eastern shore of maryland? or do you expect the full impact of the storm in delaware, governor? >> i'm afraid we will have the full impact. we have a pretty long coastline that is an area of significant concern. even in parts of kent and new castle. by the way, dover is the capital.
6:48 pm
>> sorry about that. >> no problem. we expect flooding as well. so we have still got hours to go on this thing but it is not off to a great start but thank god we have get really talented and dedicated public safety first responder community. we have got eight shelters open with really terrific volunteers from the red cross as well. >> geraldo: and governor/you activated your guardsmen? >> we activated them a couple of days ago. we 1500 of them. we have all of our state troopers on call. so we have got the people in place. the issue is because of anticipated flooding and winds it is quite likely that first responders will not be able to get to places where they would otherwise want to get. that is why we have the mandatory evacuation in the chunk of the state. >> geraldo: i hear you, governor. wilmington is your largest city. >> it is. >> geraldo: i got that right. a stop on the amtrak. >> that's right. >> geraldo: and where vice president joe baden commuted to
6:49 pm
oen a -- where vice president joe biden commuted to on a regular basis. thanks for taking the time, governor markell. a new one on me. >> new to a lot of us. my first one in new york city. >> i remember when i was a kid in the '50s going outdoors a couple of big storms, really came our way but it has been that long. it has been like a half a century before new york was clearly in the eye of a storm. >> absolutely. i think the last time we saw a direct strike was in the 1800s. >> geraldo: the 1800s. >> i believe so. i would have to double check the record books. this is unprecedented. i was driving around today to see the streets of new york city empty for all intents and purposes. pretty eeri. >> a storm chaser that doesn't have to leave home to chase a storm. >> last time i talked 20 you i was running up to a tornado,
6:50 pm
remember that. >> we were doing a phoner. >> geraldo: stick around. you will be running up to a bigger cyclone. >> a big hurricane. >> geraldo: and do you think the city is ready for it? >> i think the city is ready for it. i have seen people in the cities in the past not be ready. the city seems ready and i hope that we all get a break and it is not as bad as they say. >> geraldo: i don't know about that. i would not count on a break, folks, if you are in new york. don't count on that just hunker down. coverage, after this. it's not a heart attack. new bayer advanced aspirin's for pain. it has microparticles and enters the bloodstream faster. works twice as fast as before. did you invent this or something? dr. eric first, from bayer. wow. [ male announcer ] new bayer advanced aspirin. like the leap of faith you never took. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event. see your lexus dealer.
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>> lower manhattan we have been told is virtually inaccessible.
6:54 pm
>> geraldo: ♪ ♪ >> go, go, go! >> geraldo: i want to make clear that ma what you been watching there is movies, not real life. this is back to real life now. we are live on avenue of the americas. that is the building that contains fox news world headquarters. these concrete canons, these tall buildings, 50-60 stories right next to each other have the impact often of funneling even a regular wind. they call the wind from the southwest the hudson hawk in the winter time because the buildings compress that air, they force it close together, it accelerates the whole thing and makes it very, very
6:55 pm
uncomfortable. we have an update on some of the news that we have been reporting to you. number one, the death toll, the confirmed death toll from hurricane irene has now reached eight people. and folks, i tell you, after years of covering these hurricanes, it is always worse than you think. so if i'm telling you that there are eight people confirmed already who are dead, that that situation will be worse when daylight comes and the first responders can give us a full accounting of the toll that the storm has already taken as it sets its sights on new york city and later on the cities of new england, boston, tomorrow closing their rapid transit system. new york, fai philadelphia have already closed theirs. amtrak we are how hearing as of tonight will be suspending all railroad service all up and down the east coast.
6:56 pm
so really, folks, the -- aside from the death toll, the toll in property damage also the thank goodness it is a weekend but still there is going to be an enormous toll in terms of businesses disrupted because if they are shuting that service down they can't as you show start it up immediately. and a travel expert is with us. executive editor of smart travel and joins us from newton, mass, in the boston area. ann, tell us more about the disruptions that the northeastern part of the country now the entire east coast is and soon will be suffering. >> hi, geraldo. i mean whenever there is a major storm in the northeast it is going to cripple travel. you know, whether you are talking about the airlines, the trains, whatever, it tends to create sort of a rippling effect throughout the country. it affects way more people than the people in the area where the storm is taking place.
6:57 pm
>> geraldo: i'm going ask you to stand by. we have to take a commercial break. i want to get more on the impact that will go far beyond those who are enduring or will soon be enduring the direct effects of hurricane irene in terms of business disruptions, travel disruptions and the ricocheting effect that the airport closures here in new york will have across the nation. stand by. we are live on sixth avenue in new york.of most i well be right back. and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy.
6:58 pm
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